Rose in a glass flask by INFINITY ROZE


Each rose, before falling into your hands, is made exclusively by hand by our florists.

Infinity rose

The stabilized rose in the flask is alive and does not fade up to 5 years!

Without care

Infinity Roze roses do not require special care, watering or special conditions.


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What is a rose in a flask?
The Infinity Roze is not an imitation of textiles or paper. This is not a dry surrogate plastic. This is the most original living flower that retains its appearance, freshness and does not lose its textural features for up to 5 years.


The technique for creating eternal roses is called stabilization. First, moisture is evaporated from fresh flowers, after which the moisture is replaced with glycerin. At the cellular level, it slows down the process of rose regeneration and completely stops photosynthesis. This type of treatment is safe and does not cause allergies.

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